How to add or update docs

Documentation files live in /doc directory in the source tree, so adding or updating documentation follows the same process as changing the code. If you’ve never done it before, start by carefully reading the Development Guide.

To add or update a documentation page, you need to create or modify an .rst file in the /doc directory and send a patch for review.

People who are registered in MAINTAINERS file for doc/ directory will be automatically added to the patch as reviewers. However, you are very welcome to add more reviewers who know the subject. In fact, it is always a good idea to add someone who has knowledge of the specific area you are documenting.

We are using Sphinx doc engine for documentation (see and reStructured Text format for content. reStructuredText Primer page has more details

Brand new page needs to be added to the appropriate index.rst file under /doc directory (that could be a root index file or nested one).

To test your changes, build flashrom with documentation and open generated .html file in the browser. Generated .html files are in meson builddir/doc/html directory.

Misc questions

  • We use CC-BY-4.0 license for documentation.
  • Writing style can be formal or informal, it’s mostly up to you, the important thing is to make the text clear, readable and unambiguous. You can insert images if this really helps the readers to understand the instructions.
  • Documentation should be relevant to either flashrom usage or flashrom development