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Hey, I'd like to propose a lot of changes here, now that we'll work with a single master branch on Gerrit. I'll leave some comments in bold & italic.


Release branches (e.g. 1.0.x)

We could add some note about stability of the first release from a branch, e.g. like Linux say that only the first point release is stable. I'd bet, though, that it won't make a difference in practice: The quality of point releases is always better, not matter how you advertise it.

I guess we should always tag the branch points as well, otherwise the version strings for builds from master would be stuck on the last branch point that actually was an RC (or v0.9.9 for now). Any suggestion for tag names? b1.0? maybe rather p1.0 (for post-1.0)? something that's not too easy to confuse with the branch name


Maybe reword, mention where reviews may happen (I think we should ask each contributor on the ML / github if he agrees to switch to Gerrit). Btw. is there a option in github to send emails, like we have it on flashrom-gerrit?

Adding/reviewing a new flash chip

Keep, actually TLDR; maybe move somewhere else