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This page is a first draft only and serves to collect information about the serprog protocol and the programmers implementing it.


See serprog-protocol.txt in the source tree. It is designed to be compact and allow efficient storage in limited memory of programmer devices.

There is a draft for an extension of the serprog protocol to SPI. FIXME: Link there.


AVR flasher by Urja Rannikko

[1] FIXME: AVR source code is somewhere in the coreboot mailing list archives...

AVR flasher by eightdot

FIXME: Link?

Arduino Mega flasher by fritz

[2] [3] FIXME: More info?

InSystemFlasher by Juhana Helovuo

This is one uses a modified serprog version to talk to SPI devices via serial over USB. Details can be found in the coreboot wiki and in this coreboot mailing list thread.