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Live CDs with flashrom

Flashrom is part of the latest SystemRescueCd Beta.

Flashrom Live CD

This page is a work in progress. There is no ISO yet. This is just a plan for now.

Why a Live CD?

It provides a user with a stable work environment to read, write and verify a flash device on any supported x86 hardware.

Read, write, update and verify a BIOS image on any x86 system

Boots on x86-32 and/or x86-64

Complete Linux distribution

User friendly.

coreboot logo splash screen

GUI version with terminal for flashrom

It contains software for:

Stable and friendly Linux Kenrnel

Complete and automatic hardware detection, not requiring any driver to be added.

Mounts $windows drive read only


acpid av

binutils bison busybox bzip2

cabextract cpio curl cvs

dev-util/git dhcpcd diffutils dmidecode dosfstools


flex ftp

gdb grep


iputils iproute irssi


lftp livecd-tools links lsof lynx lzma-utils

mdadm minicom

nano ngrep ntfsprogs

openssh openvpn

pciutils picocom pptpclient



screen strace subversion

tar telnet-bsd tftp-hpa


valgrind vim

wget wireless-tools wpa_supplicant



Complete toolchain for:




Size of ISO-image is <185 MBytes. Small enough to fit on a flash drive or 3" CD-ROM.