Board Testing HOWTO

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This page gives you hints on how to test the LinuxBIOS support for your mainboard and all components present on the board.

We try to maintain one build tutorial / status page for every supported LinuxBIOS mainboard. The status table is always implemented using the status template in this wiki. A usage example is available, but you can also look at existing status pages.

For each item in the status table, this page describes how you can test the respective hardware part.



On-board hardware


IDE 3.5"

IDE 2.5"


Add-on slots/cards

Legacy / Super I/O

Parallel port

  • Try loading the ppdev and parport_pc kernel modules: modprobe ppdev; modprobe parport_pc. Check if there were errors using dmesg.
  • Try to actually use a parallel port device (e.g. a printer).

PC Speaker

  • Try to create a beep on the PC speaker. There are various ways to do that, e.g. you can use the Debian package beep (apt-get install beep).
  • If that doesn't work, check that you actually have a speaker correctly attached and also try modprobe pcspkr.