Board Testing HOWTO

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This page gives you hints how to test the LinuxBIOS support for your mainboard and all components present on the board.



On-board hardware


IDE 3.5"

IDE 2.5"


Add-on slots/cards

Legacy / Super I/O

Parallel port

  • Try loading the ppdev and parport_pc kernel modules: modprobe ppdev; modprobe parport_pc. Check if there were errors using dmesg.
  • Try to actually use a parallel port device (e.g. a printer).

PC Speaker

  • Try to create a beep on the PC speaker. There are various ways to do that, e.g. you can use the Debian package beep (apt-get install beep).
  • If that doesn't work, check that you actually have a speaker correctly attached and also try modprobe pcspkr.